Which extracurricular activities...

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  1. Which extracurricular activities did you participate in when you were in high school? I thought this might be an interesting thread to start... just to know a little more about each other?

    I used to be in Yearbook for 2 years, in both my junior and senior year. I guess that's where I got my love for photography and editing photos. :love:

    I also wanted to join track... but I never went to a single practice, and only went to one track meet. :push:
  2. cheerleading...cross country
  3. Tennis, only sport I was ever obsessed with.
  4. 8th grade yearbook

    9th and 10th student gov't. secretary and executive council.

    11th newspaper.
  5. i worked on the school's art website.. and at the children's art gallery too. i wanted to do gymnastics but my high school didn't do it :push:
  6. Student Council-4 years, Newspaper-4 years (editor last 2), Track-2 years, Sceince camp counselor-4 years, Marching band / color guard- 4 years (went to Macy's Thanksgiving parade, orange bowl, fiesta bowl and rose bowl), Winter Guard-2 years.

    Would have liked to be on swim team....but we didn't have one :sad:
  7. Cheerleading, SGA, hospitality committee, prom committee, drama, choir, and some other random stuff.
  8. 6th through 8th grade I was in student council.
    9th and 10th again student council
    Junior and Senior year school newspaper, senior year editor in chief.
    I was also part of bunch of clubs!
  9. my high school resume is longer than my career resume!!

    - key club 4 years: over 2,000 hours volunteered to the community
    - kiwins 2 years before they merged with key club international: about 400 hours volunteered to the community
    - national beta club 3 years since it's induction
    - economics club for 1 year (it really should have been called the 'philanthropy' club. lol. cuz we did a lot of volunteer work here too!) about 500 hours volunteered to the community
    - japanese club 3 years: web chair 2 years and president my senior year.
    - vietnamese club 2 years
    - art club 1 year.
    - water polo frosh. season, off season i was on the swim team.

    and mostly through senior year i was goofing off.. and not doing anything.... lol.
  10. I was in cheerleading, Student Council, yearbook {editor SR year}, soccer one year & Student Advisory Committee {I think that's it}
  11. Track and field, French Club, drama, and (don't laugh) math club.
  12. I completely forgot about drama!!! I was in drama from 8th-12th grade.

    and in my 2nd year in Yearbook, I was section head of the Sports Section. I wish I could have been editor-in-chief or something... :crybaby:
  13. I was the fashion show choreographer for 5 years:roflmfao:in private highschool, as well as the only student lucky enough to perform for five years straight. I was such a good dancer at 13, that I taught the 17 year olds how to move:jammin: , by grade 11, I ran the show. This got me into university 1 year earlier than my peers:roflmfao: I was so lucky, right. People hated how I got away with everything cuz the teachers depended on me so much. All politics in my private schooling.;) I got away with murder, even smoked cigs, had sex, in my private office everyday(with the hottest basket ball hero, my Bf at the time)!!!:roflmfao: This is in the 1980's when you could get away with anything...:jammin: those were the days...I was the queen of the class, he was the king, the teachers were stupid enough to bow down.:shrugs:
  14. I was a yearbook photographer as well. It was a lot of fun! I also did layout design for certain pages. I was on the the Prom Committee too.

    As well, I joined the cross-country team in my early years of HS but I was only there for half a semester, so it probably doesn't count.
  15. Does drinking count? :yes:

    Kidding (sort of...) I was all soccer--4 years Varsity in HS and also simultaneously on my Club team as well as the State team...needless to say...I played in college then burnt out. I miss is now though (graduated college in '92!) :sad: