Which Expandable u like better?

  1. Hi, i would like to get your vote for which expandable u like better:

    The existing expandable flap


    Fall Expandable flap to be released later


  2. The existing one!
  3. first one!
  4. Thanks. I will not think about the Fall expandable anymore! good that i can save some $.
  5. vote for exisiting one
  6. first one..LOL..I have it and live in it!
  7. First one!
  8. DEFINITELY the current ones! :yes:
  9. The first one
  10. First!
  11. i am thinking to buy the first one too.
  12. First one!!
  13. The first one. :smile:
  14. The 1st one too, so what kind of leather is that? Is it durable? How much $$??
  15. The first one!