Which Exersaucer?

  1. I want to buy my friend an exersaucer type thing for her baby.

    So far I've found Evenflo makes like 5 different ones and Graco makes one too...I don't yet have a baby of my own so I'm not exactly sure which one would be the best for her.

    For all of you who have them, which one do you recommend? Good experiences with them? Bad ones? I was reading with some of the more involved ones some of the babies end up hitting their faces on all the little toys. I'd love some recommendations!

    Thanks! :tup:
  2. My daughter had the Jumperoo but had I bought an exersaucer it would have been the Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Center.
  3. Thanks guys, great feedback! I really appreciate it!
  4. It's a wonderful gift to give, but some babies don't even like them. My son would never want to be put in ours. The ones that actually bounce up and down are supposed to be great for babies to strengthen their legs. Good luck!
  5. i had the graco baby einstein exersaucer.