Which eva clutch should I get or should I keep it?

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  1. Hi everyone, im asking for your expertise here. I was about to pick up my portobello gm last saturday but unfortunately I ended up w/ something else and an eva clutch. I got a damier ebene canvas but everytime I show it to my hubby he would always tease me that it looks like a checker board, Lol! He likes the azure better :smile: I asked my bestfriend too but she would prefer the mono and in fact she is planning to get one. And now I cant keep up my mind, even think of exchanging it to speedy or the portobello, Lol. I need help :smile:

  2. Gey what you want. Your hubby doesn't have to carry the bag! :P
  3. Yeah I know but we always go out together and he would joke around if we can play checker on my bag. Lol. Made me think that it doesnt look good on me :biggrin:
  4. The Eva clutch is such a wonderful bag. It's so versatile....I love it so much that I have 2....ebene and azur. Do what you feel is best for you. I have bought and sold many, many LV's but this clutch will be in my collection forever!!!
  5. Go get your portobello if your unsure of this clutch. Although, the eva in ebene is not a bad choice at all. Versatile IMO.
  6. I have Eva in DE and I love it! I also want to get her in mono though! :smile: get what you want and what makes you happy! :smile:
  7. I have a damier ebene Eva and I love it too. It's my most used LV.
  8. LOVE the ebene..goes with everything- even a checkered shirt ;)
  9. I have one and I love it !!! What about u
    what do u like ?? Why don't u listen to
    yourself rather than your hubby or friend ;)
    Eva DE is not a checkerboard .. It's a very
    classy canvas that will last long !
  10. I think the ebene looks beautiful and classy. Well... All the evas look nice. But to me, ebene wins in terms of practucality and style. You can always get another eva. Azur is mice but not practical at all
  11. +1. I LVOE this bag!!
  12. Keep the Eva. If you do exchange it for the Portobello GM, then your husband will still make fun of you because it's still the "checker board." :smile: Eva looks great in the DE pattern.
  13. I love DE! My next purchase would probably be the Eva too!
  14. Keep your eva. She's beautiful.
  15. The eva is a great bag! I have the same and love using it whenever I can. If you adore it, then keep it, it is a versatile bag to have. ;)