Which Epi to choose?

  1. I'm new here. I got an epi passy in ivory for my birthday but I'm not sure about it. I love epi and definitely want the ivory, but I'm not sure about the shape. I'm thinking about returning it for a bowling montaigne, since I like the fact that the montaigne is not open on top. Truth is, I like both bags. Any opinions?
  2. I love that bag... you are a lucky gal! If you don't like it, then don't keep it!
  3. i'm not a fan of the passy.. so I say montaigne. Also would you consider a lockit?
  4. Definitely consider the Lockit, if it is an option for you. By far the most beautiful (And I think, versatile) bags in Ivoire Epi.
  5. i actually really like the passy. but i still have to go to the boutique and see it in person. does it fit over your shoulder, or the straps are too short?

    of the epi line, i also like the montaigne bowling and soufflot shapes. they're very chic and different. but yes, i agree with the others. if you're not loving your bag, you should definitely exchange it. or better yet, go to the boutique and compare your passy with the bowling in person.
  6. ooohh yeah get the lockit ... so cute and classy in ivoire!
  7. I love the Passy - I think it's a classic shape, and is incredibly functional. But if you don't love it, there are many other options. Just go with your gut.
  8. I agree with the others - if you're not happy with the Passy then return it. If you have a shape in mind I would suggest visiting the LV boutique and letting your SA know what you're interested in. He/she may pull out the perfect bag:smile: (This happens to me all the time LOL). Or look through the LV catalog in the store and see what catches your eye. Then again there aren't too many styles made in Ivoire epi so that limits your choices in a way as well.
  9. would the ivory one get dirty quite easily? i was going to get the epi speedy in ivory but still debating....
  10. The Epi Passy in ivory is a beautiful bag....however, if you're not quite happy with is or have your doubts then I would consider returning it for something else. If you're not into open tops then the epi lockit in ivory would be good, as well as the alma from the same line. Good luck with your choice!
  11. go for the montaigne, good luck deciding.............
  12. I adore the epi lockit in ivorie ... good luck:heart:
  13. bowling montaigne is nice.
  14. Thanks everyone. It's not that I don't like the passy, I'm just indecisive I guess. I don't have a very big collection and would like to make sure the bag is functional. It's certainly pretty.

    I have not seen the lockit in person but it seems a bit smaller than the
    passy. Also, I'm petite so I'm afraid the vertical shape of the lockit won't look good on me, but I will go check it out in the store.

    Both the passy pm and the montaigne fit under my arm and that seems practical with my kids. I'm not sure if the ivory is difficult to keep clean? Does anyone have experience with that?
  15. Get the montaigne bowling pm-I love mine! The ivory leather is not hard to keep clean at all, just wipe with a baby wipe. I love the bowling shape, its a wonderful size and looks so classy.:heart:
    THe LOCKIT IS NICE BUT KINDA SMALL. I 'm not a fan of the paSsy-sorry.