Which Epi?? Speedy 25 or Soufflot??

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which bag?

  1. speedy 25

  2. soufflot

  3. stick with the pomme zippy!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. okay, so instead of using the money I have saved on a pomme zippy, as planned, I was thinking about a (used) epi bag instead. my last purchase was an indigo french purse, so I am thinking a bag instead? I am thinking I can buy a pomme (or amarante! :drool:) zippy this fall when I am gainfully employed again in the fall (last day of work is tomorrow!! :yahoo: :wtf:)

    I am looking at either the speedy 25 or the soufflot. I have had a speedy 30 (sold it b/c it was too big) and a bedford (sold it b/c it was hard to get in & out of), and these are the two bags I wanted to replace them with (but used the money on other things, haha).

    speedy: can get it a bit cheaper and have some money left over to get a small accessory, love the shape and I have NO speedy anymore! but no shortage of epi speedies on ebay, etc, and would REALLY love a yellow one (none around right now)

    soufflot: can wear on the shoulder, has cute accessory pouch, would be a good interview bag

    my collection is really colorful and I have NO black bag (actually, I have one but I've never used it and it's not designer), so I was thinking a neutral like black or vanilla? I was also looking at red, but I am getting a red coach patent hobo, so I don't think I need two new red bags. I was also thinking the green may be nice ... or toledo blue, but my noe is in that. don't want to spend the money on mandarin, and already have a mandarin keepall anyways.

    I can't decide!! :crybaby: it's got to be my last bag for a while, so I don't want to make the wrong choice.
  2. Anotheremptysky--a couple of weeks ago a woman walked by me carrying the red epi soufflot. It was ooo beautiful it made me really, really want that bag. This weekend at LV I saw a Mandarine Speedy. Its too die for as well. I'd go with the Soufflot though. I am a fan of its shape. Let us know what you get!
  3. I have the Epi speedy 25 in red and I love it. At first I wanted the soufflot and the shop had one left in blue, but when I tried it on the handles were very hard, then I put it on the counter to take a better look and it rolled right on to the floor. Tha handles were not comfortable if I were to hold it in my hand. The Sa said they would soften a little but not much. I know alot of people love it. Can you go to a boutique just to try which one fits you best, before you buy elsewhere.
  4. I say speedy!! They are so versatile!
  5. You might have difficulty getting in and out of the soufflot like the bedford...I don't have this bag, but this is a problem I heard from one pfer...

    I think a yellow speedy would be great! I can totally relate with the lack of yellow...I have been looking for a large yellow noe to come around (thankfully, I haven't seen one because I don't have a job, yet!)...do you think you can wait?

    My other choice would be a zippy...I love that wallet!
  6. My vote goes towards the Soufflot.
  7. I love the Speedy 25 in either black or vanilla, but really love black (esp. since you don't have a black bag) and it is so pretty!
  8. blk epi speedy 25. you know, first hand, how i feel about those. i love mine to death and rue the days she goes back into her dust bags.
  9. there is a yellow petit noe on ebay now, I almost went for that, but I think I should wait for the speedy. so, now I don't know whether or not to get another speedy or the soufflot. I like that the soufflot opens wider than the bedford ... hmm

    there is a mint black/gold one on ebay right now that I just may go for. I love the idea that I can put any scarf on it and transform the look ... :biggrin: and your pics totally sold me on the black epi speedy!
  10. Hehe, I know! :smile: I've seen about 3 of them, but I really want the large...if I do get this, I'll be selling the large mono noe (or give it to my mom) because I think the epi would be more versatile than the monogram (no vachetta to worry about) for school and travel...

    But if that doesn't pan out, there's always the neverfull gm in damier...:nuts:

    BTW...a black speedy would look hot and professional!
  11. I love taking epi for travel!! :biggrin:

    okay, new question .... for the soufflot, do you like toledo blue or vanilla more? I already have a toledo blue noe, and love the color ... but the vanilla would go with more.

    if I get the speedy, I'm definitely going black now. :biggrin: when a yellow one pops up that will be my fun speedy.
  12. :tup:I voted Soufflot - verry classy! (And as you say you get 2 pieces in the deal!)

    Since you live in FL - Vanilla is a year round color for you - yes?
  13. No yellow speedy on ebay, but there is a yellow jasmin! I would love a jasmin! :rolleyes:

  14. I voted for the soufflot