which epi pochette?

  1. With the new epi colours coming out i want an epi pochette. (I'm a very pink girl so I want someting cassis or pomegranate!)

    I believe both colours are coming in the regular pochette and in the pochette montaigne. Now which one should I get?

    I have two regular pochettes and they are big enough for me but I don't want them to be any smaller! The pochette montaigne looks a bit bigger, but not that much, considiring it's twice the price of a regular pochette...

    Now what would you get?
    - pochette cassis
    - pochette pomegranate
    - pochette montaigne cassis
    - pochette montaigne pomegranate

  2. pochette cassis and pochette montaigne pomegranate
  3. I say the Montaigne. That color is TDF!
  4. I would get the montaigne in cassis and the pochette in pomegranate.

    Although I would really love it if both colors come out in speedy and/or lockit!
  5. Wait until you see them IRL to see which colour you like better.
  6. Pochette pomegranate!! God I love that color and if I didnt already have a Damier Azur pochette I would get it but im restraining myself and reminding myself that I only NEED 1 POCHETTE! Get it:smile:
  7. I'm gonna get both - pochette cassis and pochette montaigne pomegranate
  8. OK, it seems like I can't edit but I can only get ONE! Do you guys think the double price of the montaigne is worth the extra space?
  9. Yes absolutely! The pochette Montaigne isn't only a pochette, it's a real little bag, and it hold's a lot! You can wear it as a clutch, but also as a little bag for every day. Go for it! I love mine.:tup:
  10. Get the Pochette montaigne in cassis! That colour is sooo hot , The Montaigne clutch is very pretty !
  11. Lol, my wallet doesn't like you :p

    I was going to get the pochette but a little more space would be ideal. I just have to get over the price (it's Ok, but I didn't planned this...)
  12. You will not regret it - I'm shure! Not every thing can be planned :p
  13. Eeek!! Sorry to be the only here who thinks the opposite but, I would go with your first instinct and get the pochette in Pomegranate!
    I really love the pink/purple color, the normal pochette size is still really useful, (I have a few which I regularly use to go out or are tucked away in larger everyday bags) and I just think that for the price of a pochette montaigne, you could buy a more useful everyday bag, such as the speedy 35....
    Good luck either way!!!
  14. Pomegranate pochette!
  15. Thanks! I love to hear some advices. Anyone who has pics of what fits inside the pochettes? (I tried to look in the thread page by page but just gave up...)