Which Epi colour would you get??


Which Epi Colour would you get?

  1. Red

  2. Black

  3. Yellow

  4. Blue

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  1. Hi,

    I'm going to get an Epi in one of the following colours but can't decide which one to get first (I'll hopefully get them all one day ;) )


    I only have one Epi so far and that is red, also I live in the UK and it rains ALOT (don't know if thats important but I thought I'd mention it)

    Please cast your vote and if you could a little reason why THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance for the advice
  2. Since the yellow is disc. I would jump on one of those if you find it! I love my yellow pochette I wish I had more of the color.......the black is great for a basic black bag, but I love epi in color! I don't think weather is a factor with epi...it holds up quite well in all conditions....
  3. I love red from the options above..
  4. depending on what you're using for, red or black
  5. i love the Epi in black; it's so classy :love;
  6. If you are thinking about one of the brighter colors, I suggest you consider your wardrobe (or the coat you most often wear) and which color coordinates the best. For example, the yellow would not match ANYthing in my closet!

    In my case I have one "old" red epi and one myrtille epi bag. My personal favorite is the blue myrtille.
  7. If you have a red Epi bag then I believe a black would come handy, you can use your red for spice up your neutral color outfits and the black one for tone down your colorful clothes.
    You might want to check it out the Soufflot, this is the most gorgeous shape in the Epi line..here pics of mine, I truly love this shape, you can carry a bunch of stuff inside.
  8. What piece are you getting? If it's a bag, I'd definitely go with either black or blue.
  9. Black, black goes with everything and even with a little bit of wear and tear, it'll still look very nice.
  10. Red is gorgeous, I'm hoping to get a red soufflot. Hmmm...either black or blue would suit the rainy UK. Where in the UK do you live? London is one of my favorite cities, next to Edinburgh (but don't tell my DH, who is from Dublin; he hates when I say that!)
  11. It's the Epi Cannes
  12. I voted Red. I love the red epi and it looks great on the Cannes.
  13. I'm from Newcastle, not really a big fan of London myself (apart from the shops!!) I don't think it handles it's population very well not like New York for example. Only visited San Fran once, had conecting flights through san fran and 6 hours between flights so we hired a limo and did a quick tour looks really nice, I'm hoping to spend a little longer there next time :lol:
  14. Ooh..then blue or black for sure!
    That'd be gorgeous, IMO. :love:
  15. Since you already have a red epi I voted blue, but I have the Cannes in red and I think it's the perfect color for it. Someone here has all 4 colors, there is a group photo in the clubhouse somewhere, you should take a look.