Which Epi color do you miss the most?


Which epi color do you miss the most?

  1. Vanilla

  2. Yellow

  3. Fawn

  4. Toledo Blue

  5. Lilac

  6. Green

  7. Mocha (soon)

  8. Mandarin (soon)

  9. Other

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  1. In these unsure times, when LV can decide to discontinue any color they please with no reason given, we must cherish the days with our beloved epi colors, as they could be gone tomorrow. This is a tribute to the epis whose lives were cut tragically short. :lol: Ok enough drama! But seriously, which epi color do you miss the most? I miss Fawn. :cry:
    Vanilla Epi Ramatuelle.jpg Yellow Epi Jasmine.jpg Fawn Epi Speedy 25.jpg Epi Toledo Blue Noe.jpg Lilac Epi Speedy.jpg Green Epi Saints-Jacques.jpg Mocha Epi Mandara MM.jpg Mandarin Epi Petite Noe.jpg
  2. vanilla and yellow!!
  3. Lilac and pepper ! I really wish some styles were still around too, especially the rochelle.
  4. lilac, vanilla and the soon to be mandarin
  5. Lilac, vanilla, and fawn!
  6. I love the blue!
  7. Yellow was my favorite Epi color....I also like the Lilac but it wouldn't go with much for me, :love:
  8. Love that blue! I wish Vernis came in that color
  9. i miss the lilac
    but i'll always have a sentimental attachment to the yellow as that was my very first LV
  10. Does anyone know when Lilac was discontinued?
  11. I miss the Yellow and I know I will miss the Mandarine if I don't end up getting one :sad: . Can't afford it right now though. I am not going to break the bank over it though.
  12. lilac is discontinued? saw a lilac speedy on elux not long ago...
  13. Fawn... it is such a great colour. And so hard to find on eBay (especially accessories!). :sad2:
  14. I love Pepper. I have a Pont-Neuf. It's a great color.
  15. Yellow and Lilac