which epi bucket....

  1. Which epi bucket should i get? a mandarin , a fun color or the canelle-- the new brownish/mocca color-- am not even sure if they'll be releasing canelle in Bucket. i just so love the shape... I alreaddy have it in mono, though....
    --help pls....
  2. I especially like seeing the bucket in some color! I'm not really a red bag person myself but I saw it in red and it's beautiful, I love the mandarin, but that color isn't for everyone (and it has been disc.)....But I just realized mandarin was a color you did ask about:P I would say go for that, I just love the mandarin, have the speedy 25 and a pochette in mandarin epi (and some accessories) love it:yahoo:
  3. Oh, i know someone selling it for a really good price that's why im thinking of getting it, did i mention that I alreaddy have mandarn soufflot... ? lol..i just love the ccolor,red is also an option, but then i might have to get it at full price....she is selling it at a very good price so planning to buy it then sell it afterwards....
  4. OMG, if you can get the mandarin at a good price go for it! I consider pochettes bags so I have two mandarin bags also! Plust the soufflot is soooooo different than the bucket! I've been thinking of getting another mandarin bag myself but what I'm looking for in another bag was never made in mandarin....oh well.......
  5. Def go for the mandarin! Especially since its been discontinued...it's such a pretty color!
  6. If you can find one in mandarine I say get it!
  7. I Love mandarin, get it!
  8. agree^^^
  9. Mandarin is such a fun color..I'd go for it!
  10. totally agree!!! :yes:
  11. Here's another vote for Mandarin!
  12. I think if you already have a mono bucket, canelle will be too close in color to the mono one. Go with mandarin!!!:yes:
  13. Another vote for mandarin! The bucket looks amazing in epi!!
  14. great!! thanks thanks, i was just thinking that if i dont want it anymore then i can sell it for the same price, so atleast i got to enjoy it for awhile....
  15. I vote for mandarin!
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