Which epi bags are soft?

  1. As in not hard and clunky like the St Jacques, and Cluny. Soft like the epi Speedy, Noe, and Mandara. Which other epi's are soft? Is the Jasmin soft? Thanks!
  2. The jasmine and soufflot are very structured. I would not say they are soft. My soufflot is more pliable than the jasmine.
  3. Oh? I was hoping that jasmin would be soft.
  4. I agree with Smith, the jasmin is not soft like the epi speedy. The jasmin has quite a structured "frame" whereas the speedy is more poufy.

    But the jasmin is still a very nice bag! :yes:

  5. I :heart: your Jasmin, it is soooo beautiful. I hope I can get one for a present when I graduate college :love: Do you find that the red is hard to match with outfits, or is it pretty neutral and goes with everything?
  6. I never thought the Jasmin to be stiff though, at least stiffer than the Speedy. I thought both were the same and it's just the shape of the Jasmin that makes it look more structured.

  7. Thanks! I don't find the red hard to match at all. I tend to have a fairly neutral wardrobe. The only colors I have that I don't like to match the jasmin with are bright greens (too christmas-y) and some purples and magentas. I hope you get the jasmin you want! :smartass:

    The speedy is pretty much textured leather all around. The jasmin's bottom and sides are smooth leather, which is much stiffer than the textured leather. That's where I see the difference in stiffness. :smile:
  8. Gotcha. Thanks for the info!