Which Emile - color and hardware?

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Leather/hardware combo for Emile?

  1. Black pebbled leather with Rose Gold hw

  2. Black lizard-embossed with Nickel hw

  3. Red pebbled leather with Nickel hw

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  1. Hi AW fans - advice needed. I have a black Diego that I LOVE, but I got a new job where I need to look more polished, so am thinking of selling and getting the small Emile. It looks gorgeous, and a perfect mix of structure, class, with a little edge.

    But I'm torn on color/leather/hardware combos. If you could only get one, which do you think is the most beautiful, would be most versatile and stand the test of time:

    1) black pebbled leather with rose gold hardware?
    2) black lizard-embossed leather with antique nickel hardware?
    3) red pebbled leather with antique nickel hardware?

    Sorry, I couldn't post pics...Shopbop and the AW site won't let you download pics. But I think you can get an idea just from the descriptions. All opinions welcome! TIA.
  2. Hi there,

    I've seen both the black lizard and the black pebbled rose gold in irl. The black lizard is plain due to the colour combination. And the hardware seemed more of a shiny silver than antique nickel but the leather feels surprisingly soft for an embossed bag. In terms of the dual zippers, it was also quite hard and awkward to get in and out of the bag but this may get easier in time as the leather softens.

    As for the black pebbled with rose gold hardware, this was the combo that I was lusting after for sometime. But I was thoroughly disappointed upon seeing it in real life. The leather isn't as soft as the embossed lizard emile, it's also too shiny. And the hardware cheapened the bag somewhat because it wasn't a subtle elegant rose gold tone but a bright shiny rose gold. Overall due to the shiny leather and tacky hardware the bag looked the opposite of classy.

    I haven't seen the red pebbled emile yet so cannot comment on that.
  3. hey girl!!!
    since i got the lizard emile, of course my vote was for the black lizard!!! the embossed leather is SOOOO nice!! i think black is timeless and looks great with the antique nickel hw!!! IMO, the hardware is gorgeous and does look like a brushed or "antique" silver. I know for a fact since my azure prisma tote has true silver hw, which is definitely more shiny that the antique. also, the embossed leather takes it up a notch and looks so luxe!!! BLACK LIZARD ALL THE WAY!!! :graucho::graucho: