which elusive chanel were you able to locate due to the wonderful members here

  1. would also love to hear stories of all the troubles we go through to find chanels that we have to have.
  2. I could locate a grey reissue in the US because if the wonderful me-love-purse. All reissues were sold out in Europe and I went through a lot of trouble getting her because Saks had problems to charge my cc (foreign card) and ship to a Californian hotel address where dh stayed at the time to bring it back with him. Saks totally xxxxxxxxxx it up and one day before the agreed shipping date they send out the bag to Saks L.A where dh was so kind to drive 2h and do a local pick up. I had several calls with the Saks and my SA there was such a doll and made it all happen. Me-love called a lot of stores for me to locate the bag and it's wonderful that we became friends through this. So now I have my dream bag and a new dear friend!
  3. Rockerchic posted info about the smaller Ritz I was looking for, leading to my purchase from the wonderful (but gone) Nick at the Short Hills boutique.
  4. black luxe bowler... big thanks to roey!!

    and diamond stitch flap from morgan!!

    yay for the wonderful pF-ers in the Chanel forum...!
  5. Black reissue (228) with gold chain! :yahoo:
  6. It's not a Chanel bag, but I have to share the story of the wonderful aaalabama! I was searching for a black Balenciaga with a particular leather last year, and she spotted 1 for me in NYC. When I called to ask about it, a SA was so rude and not helpful, and I was nervous about getting the wrong bag. So aaalabama called the store for me, ran into the same rude SA, and finally went to the store IN PERSON to put the right bag on hold for me to do a charge send!!!! Talk about going above and beyond, for a person she's never met! :heart:
  7. i got both the original coco cabas vinyl and black baby cabas caviar both from help by sweet fellow PFers....
  8. Black GST with s/h thanks to Piperlu - she knew from the get go she did not want it, but got on a wait list just so she could offer it to one of us - she's the BEST.
  9. Because of wonderful PFers, I got the original cabas. Everyone is so helpful!
  10. Thanks to my bud Cougess..I got the baby cabas in teal and khaki...and thanks to another cool PFer..I got the soft chain in black after sahe told me about seeing it in a FLA Chanel store..LOL
  11. i am still looking for mine- the violet classic flap in either medium or jumbo. i've called every dept store in the us (though not sure if i called bergdorfs), 2 chanels including the main store on 57th in manhattan, the 800 number, had someone check for me in paris and spent about an hour today calling stores in canada. it looks like she'll never be mine. i should have gotten the one on eBay when i had the chance...
  12. ^^ I am looking for the same bag, hlfinn! :shrugs:
  13. ocgirl for making my dream black baby cabas a reality.:yahoo:
    selena for telling me about DJO(damian) and then most esp damian who worked so hard to find my yet to be received 224 grey reissue....:love:
  14. Roey helped me find my Cambon Flap Tote on sale for a remarkable price.
  15. whoa, sweet, i'm jealous :drool: