Which Edith to buy? Help me decide pls! >.<

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  1. [​IMG]



  2. I like the second, it looks more casual and funky. But it guess it depends on your style, are you more casual or formal?

  3. This one!

  4. I like the first one.
  5. I love the first one and hope to get it myself soon :graucho:

    I think it is a lot cheaper than the second one as well isn't it?
  6. [​IMG]
    I am loving this one!!
  7. I'm hesitating about the first one because it's so... WHITE, and I'm just scared that it'll get dirty really fast. And also, the style of the second one is so cool, but the style of the first one may be more versatile? @_@ Argh~!
  8. I like the first one...white is good for spring/summer. Just make sure you buy a good leather cleaner! :smile:
  9. I prefer the white loaf, it's just adorable!!
  10. 2nd one, I like the more casual look but truthfully wouldn't buy either.
  11. Second one was on sale. I think it is sold out now in NM
  12. I think the little loaf is really cute. However, the Canteen makes more sense because of it's size and it can be slung over the shoulder. So my vote goes for bag #2.
  13. 1st one
  14. I like option two. I want it myself.
  15. I like the first! The canteen looks a little too difficult to get into.