Which eastwest is better? old single chain or new double chain?

  1. hello,
    looking for some help with the east/west with the single or double chain. what do you prefer and are the double chains adjustable?
  2. i really use both lengths. its soo easy to adjust them too.
    i am in love with the new chain!!
  3. I believe the e/w only comes in a single chain... the medium and jumbo have a double chain. I like the length of my e/w. It really grew on me!
  4. hi blushingbaby!
    thanks for the reply. sorry..just to be sure..
    do you have an east/west with the double chain where you can make the chains longer/shorter?
    i love the new chain too, but love being able to adjust the chain. so, if the new chain is not adjustable, then i might have to go for the single..
    thanks again! :smile:
  5. yes, the new east-west you have the double chain, unlike the older version with the leather inter-woven.
    if i double up the chain it is shorter and when i have the single it hits at about my waist. it is 100% adjustable! the main reason why i considered buying the east-west b/c i usually bought the medium flaps.
  6. Hi Sina,

    thanks for the reply. did some digging, and found out that the east/west with "new chain" is a double chain. i'm just not sure if it is adjustable. kinda hard to find..
  7. thanks again blushingbaby! this info is helpful for my search! :tup: i think i'm leaning towards the new chain!

    oops. bf also just caught me doing these posts when i am supposed to be working! :shame:
  8. Oooh I was thinking of the chain with the leather woven in. :heart:
  9. no problem! i am happy to help. at first i didn't like the e/w at all (this was with the single, leather-interwoven style chain) but then the new chain came out and i just picked up my second e/w the other day. i am now waiting for the "hybrid" e/w after seeing pics of it tonite. ahh. it never ends. lol

    as for space and what an e/w can hold, i would say it holds pretty close to the same as the medium double flap. the extra flap takes up a lot of room. i can comfortably fit mine and my bf's cells, small wallet, camera, gloss and car keys (approx the same as the medium flap) the new e/w is pretty much a medium flap w/o the double flap imo.
  10. :amazed: uh-oh.."hybrid" e/w?! another thing to consider!
    what post can i find that in?
  11. oops, sorry - forgot to say thanks also for all the details of what the e/w can hold!

    Sina - i love the weather woven in the chain too! and yes, the length of the e/w looks fab either way.. :heart:
  12. I'd say double!
  13. Girls, help me choose one please...I'm deciding between single chain or new double chain on eastwest bag. I heard they are the same price. I'd like to hear your opinions...which one looks better??? Sooooo hard to decide....:confused1:
    Thanks!!!! :heart:
  14. It's personal preference. I prefer double chain.
  15. I like the double chain aswell