Which Earrings

  1. So I'm at a toss up on which ones to get. What do you all think?

    [​IMG] or [​IMG] or [​IMG]
  2. I like the LV's and the Chanel's the best. I guess the Chanel's would be my favorite of the three.
  3. LV looks fresh!
  4. Is all three not an option:graucho: ? I like all three for different reasons, but the LVs are my fave
  5. I wish all 3 were an option!! If I got all 3 I'd get a lecture from DH! LOL! :lecture:
  6. my first instinct was the Chanels, but they're so widely replicated I think I'd rather get the LVs.
  7. I like the LV earrings. They are less logo-ey and seem a bit more fun.
  8. I really like the LV ones
  9. your forum name describes which ones you should get! LV baby
  10. Lv!
  11. i think it depends on your style. i definitely like the chanels best....but if big hoops are your thing, i like the LVs.
  12. Personally, I would pick the Chanels followed by the LV.
  13. Lv most definitely!
  14. I like the Chanels and the LVs!
  15. chanels