Which DVF wrap dress?

  1. Hey gang!

    I have purchased two taurus wrap dresses from bluefly and am trying to decide whether to return one. I'm attaching a picture of the taurus dress.

    Would you get the dress in the blue stars, as pictured in the WRAP dress? OR would you get it in this black and white floral print that it featured on the baby doll that I'm also attaching?

    Remember, both would be in the wrap style, I'm only attaching the babydoll so you can see that pattern:smile:

    prodImage.ms.jpg prodImage2.ms.jpg
  2. i think i like the blue stars
  3. I like the one on the left. I so want a wrap dress!
  4. I have that same wrap in the Dentelle pattern (on the second dress) and it's very cute too... I don't think you can go wrong.
  5. i just bought the lucky stars wrap so i may be biased. it's really cute and versatile compared to the other one on the right. it's a classic shape in a fun pattern. keep the wrap!
  6. I like the first one.
  7. the stars. definitely.
  8. The lucky stars definitely!!!-I wanted that dress so bad..........
  9. The first one
  10. i love the second dress. it would look so cute heels or a cute pair of ballet flats.
  11. I just ordered the left one yesterday. It is much cheaper on NAP and they now have cheaper shipping options.
  12. ^^^thanks for the net-a-porter tip -- good deals!

    Thanks everyone!

    I found a pic of the dentelle print in the wrap. I actually love that too. It seems a bit more dressy and delicate, while the stars are more fun and versatile. Btw, I love the babydoll too, but it's a bit pricey and I probably wouldn't use it as much for work.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that I'll end up keeping both...:rolleyes:
  13. Both are gorgeous but I think my favorite is the dentelle. Off now to NAP... God I'm going to get myself in trouble!:p
  14. I like the first one too. Besides being cute I think it will have more staying power for the long term.
  15. I like the first one.