Which Drew do you prefer?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. She looks fab in the bathing suit so I guess thats a nice pic of her.
  3. I like the thinner Drew.
  4. definitely looks better in the first pic!
    i love drew!
  5. i just like her in general:tup:
    she seems very happy and sincere.
  6. The first, she looks like shes having a great time.
  7. I like her in both! I love Drew!
  8. I guess I don't understand the question. The pics are hardly comparable. She looks happy and silly (and posing) in the first pic, and she is in a jacket and a towel in a paparazzi shot in the second - unposed and unprepared and having a snack. It is even impossible to tell her weight in the second pic, given how many layers she has on.

    Overall, though, I like Drew. She seems happy and sincere.
  9. ^Exactly what I was thinking... :confused1:
  10. and i cant see either pic
  11. Well, I adore Drew, totally and utterly love her.

    I think she's happy a wonderful friend and she loves loves loves animals.

    I think she is total epitome of peace and grace.

    I love her in any picture as she's one of the only celebs who seems totally at ease with her body whether she's 5lbs thinner or 5lbs heavier and I think that makes her an awesome role model.

    I have suffered from Bulimia and when I was getting better I used to see images of Drew and began to notice that whatever her body was doing, she just ran with it. She didn't cover up and go all 'secluded' she emraced her curves and her womanhood and it really helped me.

    For that, I will always class Drew (and Jen Aniston) as my ALL TIME FAVE CELEB!!!!

    But, I have to say, I loved the beach pics when I first saw them and pinned one of the pics up on the inside door of my wardrobe.

    I like her in both, but I love the first. She looks so free, so happy and so peaceful. She's totally in her element too being there at the beach as she loves all nature.

    Phew, that was long!! :love: x
  12. She looks the same in both - just more animated in the first one and more clothed in the second!

    Overall, I like her.. a lot!