which dress to wear to clubbing?

  1. Hi, kinda last min question, need some advice on which dress to wear to club tonight. I just realize i dont really own any "club" wear, i think im getting old! =p
    first is white rachel pally dress, second one, sorry for poor pic quality, is purple BCBG dress
    thanks fashionistas!
    IMG_0966.JPG IMG_0969.JPG IMG_0972.JPG IMG_0973.JPG
  2. I really like your white dress. It's lovely.

    But as for a club night, I would rather go with the purple dress. Wearing white to a club isn't my thing. I really don't like it when black light reflects on white clothing.
  3. Love both, but the white looks amazing!
  4. Hope you haven't gone out yet. I like the white one. The purple looks too formal.
  5. i agree, the white is really pretty!
  6. I think the purple one is more of a club type dress.
  7. Love the white BUT I say purple just because it is a club and someone is likely to spill something on you!! - but you look great in BOTH.:heart:
  8. love the white But someone ALWAYS spills beer on me at clubs so I advise the purple.
  9. hehe girls thanks for the replies! i ended up wearing the white dress and amazingly did not spill anything on it =)
  10. You should have worn the purple one, the white one looks like your going out to eat
  11. I like the purple dress.
  12. I like the white one's fit but the other one's color
  13. Wear the purple one next time. It looks like a festive dress!
  14. The white one is fabulous!! I'm glad you didn't spill anything on it LOL, I'm sure I would've!