Which dress to keep? (alice + olivia)

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  1. I recently got two black dresses from Alice + Olvia on sale from Saks, (both are around $280), i do love them both...however i feel a bit guilty about keeping them both...I would like to wear the dress for special occations, dinner parties, or clubbing....

    What do you ladies think?

    Also, i have my eye on the third dress i posted, i wonder does anyone have that dress, i never saw it in store...



  2. Both are nice! Touch choice... but I'd probably go with the first one. Although I like the 3rd one the most out of those.
  3. I like the first black dress the most--ohhh, I LOVE the 3rd one! Get it :girlsigh:
  4. I like both but I say the first one. Also FYI, I saw the 1st one on sale at Saks for about $100. :smile:
  5. Ohh, all 3 are great choices! You have impeccable taste!

    Keep 1! And since 3 is so different get that one too! =)
  6. I like the second one the best--it's so unique and special. The third is also nice and since it's not like the others I think you'd be safe with that one and one of the first two.
  7. If you plan on going clubbing, I'd stick with the first one - it's less formal than the other two but still gorgeous. Plus, sweating in silk = bad news.
  8. This is a good point. A really good point. :yes:
  9. I like 'em all, but I like the 1st and the 3rd ones the best!
  10. I like the first one.
  11. Thanks for the inputs girls! I just wonder do u feel the second one is bit too much going on? It is really cute on... but i guess its a bit too formal?
  12. i love the first and third...so pretty! :tup:
  13. I don't think it's too formal at all. The ruffles being so front and center seem like something Nina Garcia would throw a fit over on Project Runway. Get the third one!!! The more I look at it the more I love it!
  14. i think the 1st one if a keeper. the 3rd one is also really pretty...maybe you can keep the 1st one and get the 3rd one? ;)

    haha i know, i'm not really helpful :P
  15. I like the first one, I feel like it's more versatile and classic.