Which Dress should I wear?


Which dress should be worn

  1. Light Green strapless

  2. Midnight/Teal blue halter

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  1. OKAY!, I purchased two dresses to wear for my prom night,and one to wear to my graduation. I have been asking everyone I know for their input on which dress is an apropriate evening dress. I took some pictures (Which are posted below). The first dress is a green sage,bubble bottem. I found a picture of it on Net-A-Porter http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/19272. The second one is a midnight blue,knee length silky,slightly form fitting,with a halter-esc top. I couldn't find the blue dress online,but it looks much better in person (It looks abit cheap online). For shoes I will wear 3inch black peep toe pumps with a chunky black & White ornament. Which dress should I wear? TIA in advance:heart:

  2. Oh Jadore, they are both gorgeous. You have great taste. I would have to say the second dress looks more like an evening dress than the first.
  3. i love them both! but i actually love the color of the first one.
  4. Definitely the first one! The rich fabric makes it look so luxe...the cut and drape are VERY unique and couture. It's a dress that I'd expect to see on a gorgeous actress on the red carpet! The second dress is lovely, but I feel like I see people wearing that style all the time. Prom is a special event, turn up the glam by wearing something truly unique and striking!

    And above all, I think the green dress totally accentuates your tiny waist and is extremely flattering on you!
  5. I like the first
  6. Another vote for the first dress: very elegant, flattering, and unique!

  7. I like the light colored one for prom and the darker colored one for graduation.
  8. both look great on u, verry classy and elegant! i tihnk the first one for prom and the second one for graduation!
  9. The first dress looks stunning on you!! I agree with the comments abovem the first for prom, second for graduation!
  10. Wear the blue for graduation. Great choices!
  11. OMG both dresses are tdf. where did you buy them? I saw your net porter, but with dresses its a must to try on in store. I would wear the first, then the second to graduation.
  12. Gorgeous dresses! love the first one for your prom!!! When is it?
  13. First for prom
  14. ^ITA!:yes:
  15. They Are Both Soooooo Gorgeous!!!! You Look Absolutely Perfect In Both!!!!!!! :smile:

    Both Would Be Gorgeous For Prom!!! May I Ask What Color ~ Is Your Cap & Gown? & Is Your Graduation During The Day?

    Jadore (I'm Not Being Much Help ~ I'm Sorry!)....You Definitely Can Go Either Way!!!!!

    Enjoy Both ~ Congratulations!!!!:heart: