Which dress should I wear to charity event - pics

  1. Help me choose. Its "costal casual". Most women will be wearing dresses but nothing formal.
    1- Tori Burch with CL heels, LM gold clutch, gold jewelry
    2 - Pucci with black patent Gucci heels, black BV clutch
    3 - DVF bubble dress with black gucci heels, bv clutch, add black tights.
    4 - find something else
  2. 3 Love it, especially with the heels!
  3. Here's another choice. 3.1 Philip Lim with Gucci brown heels. I love this style but I feel preggers in it. Reminds me of maternity.
  4. They all look awesome on you! I particularly like the Tory Burch and the DVF...and they both look great with those shoes!
  5. DVF dress with those hot shoes and gold clutch!
  6. I love the DVF, but with the black BV clutch as opposed to the gold LM.
  7. dvf dress!!! hot!
  8. the 3rd one
  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the DVF, it looks stunning on you!
  10. Definitely wear#3! You look amazing!
  11. i vote #3 too :smile:
  12. 3!
  13. I gotta go with the crowd # 3!!!!!
  14. Another vote for the third one. I love the color and it fits you perfect. Also I lvoe the heells too.
  15. 3! 3! 3! So nice!