Which dress should I pick for my brother's wedding....

  1. Karen Walker blush pink silk dress from the Lucky '08 Collection (dress number 5)


    Jayson Brunsdon peacock blue silk dress from the Resort 07/08 Collection (dress number 11) Mahana style www.jaysonbrunsdon.com/

    These are the only 2 dresses I've liked so far & I've looked through hundreds.
    That's why I've also been trying to suss out prices of a super nice clutch bag & shoes from some of the designer outlets you've all been raving about.:shrugs:
  2. i couldn't figure out which karen walker dress it was. But the jayson brunsdon collection is TDF. Absolutely Beautiful..!!!!
  3. At the karen walker website, click on the middle of the name & another flash screen will come up. Look under Collections at the bottom, Lucky'08 dress number 5.
  4. haha ok, got it... DEF the blue from J.B., sooo pretty!
  5. It's really hard finding a dress that isn't gown length or micro mini length. I don't want anything that doesn't look really classy & elegant. If you see anything online gucci lover, let me know!
  6. I love the Jayson Brunsdon, the color is soo pretty!:yes:

  7. Dress 01:

    Dress 02:

    Of the two, I definitely prefer the blue. :yes:

    Just to let you know, Bluefly has some AMAZING dresses on sale. They're now all an additional 20% off. AND, if you use the friends & family code (FAF11) you get an ADDITIONAL 20% off on top of that! I just ordered 5 dresses for myself. You'd be surprised at how many fantastic dresses and designers they have.

    ^One of the dresses I just ordered by Nicole Miller.
  8. :goodpost:Thanks for posting pictures for me. I didn't know how to do it. Thanks so much for the heads up on Bluefly, that sounds like a great deal! What were the other dresses you ordered? I'm a bit partial to Jill Stuart or Jil Sander myself.
  9. What time of year is he getting married, what kind of location, and what are the bridesmaids wearing? All these things make a difference in what you should wear...

    Going by looks alone, I prefer the Karen Walker dress. It looks more wedding-y to me :shrugs:
  10. def. the karen walker from me :yes:
  11. i like the second dress (in blue)!
  12. I love the second dress! :tup:
  13. second! the color is stunning!
  14. The blue dress (don't know which one that is) ! That is definetly the one!
  15. blue all the way hun!:tup: