Which dress is better?

  1. I'm going to attend a good friend's wedding in early September. I am down to two choices for a dress to wear. The wedding is going to be outdoors..and reception indoors. What dress do you guys think I should choose?



  2. Id go with the BCBG.
  3. I like the BCBG better
  4. I LOVE both! The BCBG in blue is gorgeous!
  5. Definitely the BCBG one.
  6. Bcbg
  7. the bcbg dress is a knock off from foley & corinna...i like the first one but not the color you might want to check out foley & corinna and see the different colors they have for that style dress...some online stores don't have the colors foley & corinna do...which if you wanted you could order from them directly
  8. BCBG, the line down the middle of the other one makes my eyes wander you know where down there. LOL
  9. ^ LOL, oh I didn't even think about that....hehe.

    Thanks gals for your suggestions!
  10. BCBG and it's cheaper!
  11. I like the Nicole Miller. It would be great for an outdoor weeding.
  12. I like BCBG.
  13. Bcbg!
  14. BCBG, hands down. The other one looks WAY too busy to me.
  15. another vote for the BCBG