Which dress? Help me decide. (Lilly Pulitzer)

Jun 26, 2007
Hey guys! once again..I am having trouble deciding on Lilly Pulitzer dresses!
I don't have ANYTHING to really wear these dresses to - I would just like to have in my closet incase something does pop up :smile: Also since it is Lilly Pulitzer and they have very trendy prints that everyone associates with Lilly I would like a dress that will be able to carry me through a few seasons. I don't want something that's going to look stupid in 5 years.

Also, I am a 19 year old college student so I want something that's age appropriate :smile:

BTW The woman in these pictures is NOT ME. They are modeling pics from the website. I am actually South Indian, about 5' 6'' and a size 0/2 - so just something to keep in mind. I have very dark skin.

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If you are petite with dark skin, I can see both dresses working on you. However I also think that both dresses reflect current trends (dress 1's print and style, dress 2's cut and knotted collar) and may not be so fashionable a few years down the line.

I'd go for the strapless dress if you're choosing between the two. I can see myself wearing the second dress but at the same time I think it's teetering on being not age-appropriate because it's more conservative... That kind of vintage look is in now, but a few years down the line you might wonder why you were bought something that may be more fitting on someone older than you.


Nov 14, 2007
Yay! Another Lilly lover. Well I think both colors would be beautiful on dark skin tones. I agree with True Religion, the second one is more trendy than the first. I would go with the first because it would stand for a few more seasons.


Nov 19, 2006
I love them both too! I love #1 the most. I just puchased a Lily dress for my daughter, her first "designer" type dress and my first Lily Pulitzer purchase. Cute stuff!


Apr 21, 2008
Yes, 1 is more classic. The clean neckline would also work with a little blazer for cooler weather.