which dress for my pochette...


which dress?

  1. bcbg polka dots dress

  2. bcbg tiered dress

  3. bcbg asymetrical dress

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  1. hey guys,

    my dh work has a black tie dinner tomorrow night and i need help which dress to wear with my pochette.

    <a href="Free Image and Video Hosting - Photo Image Hosting Site : Photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/redruby2u/bcbg/bcbgdots2.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>

    polka dots side

    polka dots front

    tiered front

    tiered side

    tiered front

    asymetrical front

    asymetrical side
  2. I like the tiered one...It's very nice, where'd you get it?
  3. tiered front definatly!! all really pretty dresses but i think this one looks the best!!!

    and ps awesome shoes!!
  4. polka dot if it is work related the tiered is a tad low cut...depends on the people and occassion...dh work related stuff best to play it safe IMO...anything else anything goes...
  5. I love the tiered one also, but then I love the asymetrical:nuts:
  6. I would say either black one. The polka dot one doesn't look good with the purse IMO!?!
  7. I have to say, if I were getting it for me, I would have to go solid black but the polka dots look wonderful on you. I would go with the dots.
  8. thank you guys. looks like most of you preferred the tiered one. i was thinking of that dress too. thanks for confirming it. by the way, i bought all these dresses on ebay. the seller is jtandcompany and he sells brand new clothes.
  9. i voted for the tiered dress. the polka dots dress looks too busy with the pochette IMO. i don't really like the asymetrical dress because it looks more casual compared to the tiered dress. :yes:
  10. i love it with the asymmetrical one
  11. looks like it's between the tiered and the asymetrical.
  12. You look great on all three dresses. But I vote for either the tiered or the asymetrical, both dresses look better with the pouchette and with your black shoes.:yes:
  13. I voted for the assymetrical. The tiered one is nice, too. I think you could do either of those. The polka dot dress is cute, but I think it's too much of you're carrying a monogram bag.
  14. i like the tiered one the best :yes: and go for the goldy shoes and stacks of gold bangles to tie-in your bag with the whole ensemble.
  15. The tiered definitely...GORGEOUS dress!!!!!!!!