Which dress for Friday night V-day Dinner?

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Is the red one too stiff for dinner? Im not sure where we are going. He just said to wear a dress. At the same time, does the blue one look cheap b/c of the patent belt
  2. i like the red one
  3. The black one does not look cheap at all. I just love the red one on you and think it would be perfect!!!
  4. ^ agreed
  5. The red one. have a good time!
  6. red one
  7. I like the red better.
  8. another vote for the red!
  9. RED
  10. Ha well I guess Im wearing the red. Im not used to wearing something so figure forming. I usually hide behind things with a lot of "body" and movement in them. OOh I think we are going to the Signature Room in the John Hancock building. He took me there on our first trip to Chicago so if I had to guess, I think thats where we are going.
  11. definitely the red dress - gorgeous!
  12. The red.

    If you worry about the belt cheapening the blue dress, why don't you replace that belt with another?
  13. I think the red one would look great with the larger belt! :tup:
  14. Red better.