Which dress for formal ballroom party?


Help me pick one!

  1. BCBG bronze dress

  2. Foley steel blue drs

  3. Notte by Marchesa Ivory strapless

  4. BCBG Gold runway drs

  5. Notte by Marchesa lace dress

  6. Notte by Marchesa white empire drs

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  1. Which dress is the best for a formal ballroom party & its my mom 25th anniversay party? :sos:
    I only have about a week to get the dress

    or if anyone have suggestion.. I'm open to more choices..

    1. BCBG bronze drs

    2. Foley steel blue drs

    3. Notte by Marchesa S07

    4. BCBG runway drs

    5. Notte by Marchesa lace drs

    6. Notte by Marchesa ivory empire drs

    and if I won a lottery... I'll buy this gorgeous red Marchesa dress (too bad I don't think I will won any lottery by next week)

    on with the vote & comments....
  2. I like the first dress on you.. I love the color and style.. you look very glamour and tall and sexy haha :tup: I also like the third dress, but it's kinda too plain,.. and because of the color, it looks like a wedding dress .. lol
  3. Notte by Marchesa lace drs is my favourite but I also think the BCBG bronze drs and it looks gorgeous on you. They are both elegant. the former one is very girlish and young, sort of princess look. The latter one is sophisocated.
  4. I really like the 3rd one.
  5. 3rd dress. It's just WOW.
  6. 3rd
  7. another vote for the 3rd dress
  8. i like the second and third but i voted for the second because the thrid could look a little bit bridal.
  9. Im in the minority here, but i like the 6th one! it is absolutely divine..the red one is TDF as well.
  10. the Notte by Marchesa lace dress is my favorite followed by the ivory empire dress. i like the 3rd but it's a bit boring.
  11. i like better Notte by Marchesa S07!
  12. The 3rd Is beautiful:biggrin:
  13. i actually like the 4th one.
  14. Notte, for sure, hands-down, 100%. lol I love that dress!
  15. Love everything about the third dress...the color and style are just perfect!!!