Which dress do you like better?


Which dress do you prefer?

  1. I love Dress 1!

  2. I love Dress 2!

  3. I love them both!

  4. I don't love either.

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  1. Thanks to Shopbop's sale, I am finding so many dresses I want. Which one do you like better? I don't have any specific occasion I want to wear the dress to. I thought they were both cute and can be dressed up or down. What do you think?

    Dress 1


    Dress 2
  2. both are cute, but i vote for dress 1
  3. Dress #2.
  4. I like the first one better.... with additional wide waist belt.
  5. both are very cute, but i like the first better. and with a wide belt as ch3rry said!
  6. That's a great suggestion! I didn't even think about that.

    Thanks everyone for your input.
  7. I'm not feeling either dress, sorry.
  8. #1
  9. Dress 1 looks a bit shapeless. Dress 2 is cute but i dont like how there are two bands of elastic at the empire waist level. This may bunch up or make it appear that there is a "fat roll" in between these two bands of elastic.
  10. I love #1!
  11. Dress #1... don't like the waist elastic in the second.
  12. i like 1.
  13. I voted neither..the colors are so blah to me. The cuts are so fun, the colors should be too.