Which drawstring bag would you recommend?

  1. I have this Tignanello that I use for travel:


    I like the outside pockets, love how deep it is. I can fit all my travel necessities in the interior and exterior pockets and a paperback fits nicely. The shape and soft construction mean that I can pop it into a backpack when I travel. It helps me keep my stuff organized, and I can use it as my handbag at my destination.

    BUT... (there is always a but) I'm starting to feel dissatisfied with the leather. It feels kind of stiff and cheap. I've only used it a few times. If you have this bag, does it soften at all over time?

    Really, I think ultimately I need a better quality replacement. I'd like to stay in the $500 and under price range, and gently used is ok. I've been looking around and there are LOTS of drawstring bags I can find either used or new in that price range. Ferregamo, Coach, Dooney&Bourke, Ralph Lauren, Dior, MCM, Gucci, LV (epi Noe), BV, Michale Kors, Cole Hahn - all might be possibilites.

    Anyone have any of these brands in a drawstring that can recommend them? I prefer plain leather to logo bags, leather must be TDF wonderful, and a good size to pop into a backpack to travel. Interior or exterior pockets are a plus, but I can always use a liner to get more organziation.
  2. The price is GREAT! I have 3 Linea Pelle bags. I LOVE them!!! Really, if you like the style, you can't go wrong with the leather. There are several threads on here that talk about how amazing the LP leather is. I agree about the cypress - it looks gorgeous. I have one bag in scotch - which is a great neutral.