Which draws more attention...diamond solitaire RING or PENDANT?

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  1. Opinions anyone?;) My choice would be a pendant.
  2. Hmmm, I guess it depends on the outfit worn. I'd probably say the ring
  3. I guess it `depends`....LOL , sorry if thats not that much help!

    If we are talking big, my eyes will seek it out where ever it is. I personally am more drawn to the hand to see a sparkly diamond. i think a diamond picks up more sparkle and fire with movement. And I love the look of a diamond in a ring setting.

    I have had the opportunity of seeing some pretty substansial diamonds on pendants too. And I always wonder think its kind of classy to see a diamond on a chain like that. I know for me the risk of loosing it would be too great compared with a ring. So I sort of think having an expensive solitare on a chain is very brave. Mind you I would be surprised if any one was as careless as me with jewellery!
  4. I'd probably say the ring b/c one usually uses her hand to make gestures and expressions while speaking. Therefore, the ring would be all the more obvious. Not to say I wouldn't love a diamond pendant too, of course.
  5. ring would be my priority choice
  6. For some odd reason, I prefer it on my neck even its the tiniest stone. It makes me feel sexy :nuts:LOL and feminine.
  7. Yes, I can see what you are saying. Its almost sensual just having the diamond suspended from a fine chain around your neck. People are drawn to looking at it....but no touching!!!!! :graucho: And its empowering to take a traditional engagement symbal and wear it in a totally new and unrelated manner, just for yourself!!!!
  8. You read my mind Littlesharon;)! I just couldnt find the right words to explain why I wanted that solitaire on my neck:girlsigh:!!! Thank you! :woohoo:

  9. I absolutely agree with littlesharon on the security factor,I would be terrified losing a diamond of any sustantial size from round my neck,a chain feels so flimsy compared to a ring setting. I have tried many different sizes on and decided the best looking size was a 1.50ct in a simple setting,so consequently I'm wearing a biggish cz to road test and see if it survives Sophies attentions,and cope with things like scarves pulled off,jumpers ditto,coats ditto it seems ok so far but I think as I'm quite rubbish with jewellery I will carry on with the testing for a good while yet!!! They do look great but at the mo until I've properly tested I would say a ring!!!!
  10. i love rings i really do but in my opinion the most "attention" so to speak get diamonds/stones worn near to the face (necklaces, neckpieces earrings, tiaras) just because they are always in the way when you are looked at kwim. they also make your face glow :yes:
    but the best is to have jewellery on your neck ears wrists and fingers anyway:lol:
  11. I would say both.
  12. I'm DYING for a pet rock on a chain!:biggrin:
  13. If you had the chance to get that rock on a chain, what diamond size would you choose? I always thought .50-1 carat would be just the right size but I guess bigger the better LOL I'm dreaming again :girlsigh:
  14. :shame: at least 1 carat :s
  15. I am a ring girl, so that would be my choice...that way I can see it and admire it. On my neck I would have to look in a mirror to see it.