which downtown is ur favorite???

  1. i've found "what's ur favor downtown colour?" thread being so helpful...so i thought it would be good to start a similar thread for muse...(thanks for cosmopolitan's idea)...

    what's ur favor colour of muse?
    what's ur favor size of muse?
    what's ur favor type of leather of muse?

    personally...i love buffalo in ivory and patent black o/s muse!!!
    (i have a patent black o/s muse, i love it so much)

    all opinions and pics are welcome!!!
  2. i am sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry....
    the topic should be "which muse is ur favorite??
    (what's happened to me???? made such a big mistake!!!i think i should go to bed right now...)
    i am sorry for my mistake!!!!

    i dont know how to delete the thread...can someone delete it plz...thanks!!!!