Which Dooney Are You Carrying Today?


Nov 10, 2013
Enjoy your Dooney Lexington. It's a very popular style. I like your color choice and the contrast between the Bordeaux and the caramel (?) trim.
I have 2 Lexington style handbags. I find it a medium size bag because the base is
not very deep. I've learned to put my things in vertically to maximize the space.
Guess it depends upon how much you need to carry.
It's a well organized handbag and an easy carry and easy access bag.
Pebbled leather will soften with use and it holds up well.
Hi Lavenderjunkie!

Thank you! I really liked the color combo too, even though we are heading into Spring.. I dont really follow the color trends for the season. I love how easily my stuff stays organized in this bag! It really is a no fuss bag which I enjoy. Can’t wait for her to start getting a little more soft and squishy


Rue de Nesle, Paris
Jan 12, 2013
I carried this bag every day since February 1st (except Valentine's day). It got rained on a LOT and has held up very well. I was going to carry it through the last day of winter but I'm going on vacation tomorrow until the 27th and I'm taking my Coach Rowan satchel. I can't wait to carry it again in the fall!