Which Dooney Are You Carrying Today?


Jul 8, 2022
Love your choice to celebrate the return of fall,
Enjoy your handbag. The taupe lizard embossed leather with the
warmer cognac smooth leather trim is very rich looking. And yes,
it will go with everything. You must be happy to be getting so much
wear out of such a lovely handbag.
Thanks! It’s a great bag. I have to figure out how to clean the fabric inside. This bag comes from a time when I wasn’t into bag care, when I’d just use a bag up until it broke or it was too dirty or I just got bored with it after a year or two, and then get rid of it. A bag becoming dirty was just something I accepted as a natural course of events and if it got to be too dirty, then that was it for that bag. I’ve never successfully cleaned the inside of a bag, though I did try and fail once with an American West bag before.
Aug 13, 2014
NYER: good luck with your cleaning project. It's worth the effort to
save a beautiful handbag. Hopefully the lining will pull out so that the
leather won't be exposed to your cleaning efforts. There are probably some
videos around, from what I remember.... vacuum, wipe down the lining,
then spot clean the stains. Hopefully this will be enough to bring the lining
back to a condition you are comfortable with.

If the lining is solid red... just be careful that the products you use do not
cause the red color to 'bleed'. You want to protect the exterior of the bag,
the leather trim, and the surface you are working on. So minimize the amount
of liquid you use for spot cleaning so the color doesn't run.
I've never had a Dooney red lining transfer or bleed onto my items, during normal
use..... but....chemicals in cleaning products can interact with dyes and make them

Also, you can add a bag organizer (even a less expensive one) both to protect
the lining in the future and also so that your items have a 'clean' space to hang out.