Which Document Holder for DH

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  1. Hi trying to pick out a document holder for DH. He's a v simple and sharp dresser, with no fancy colors. And he's 29, and drives. He doesn't need to hold a lot, and I want to help him convey that sharp confident look. Which of the following bags do you think is the best?

    1. Laguito
    Approximately $1700

    2. Minuto
    $1000. Looks the same to me, but without the handle... does it mean the handle cost $700??

    3. Prada Saffiano Bag
    Ok I had to sneak this cutie in. Its slightly larger.

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  2. Laguito. It has a useful handle and looks very masculine. Maybe it's just me, but I think the Prada one is more like a tote...although I would still love to have that one too!
  3. The Laguito is realllly sleek and very professional looking. I think he'd like that one the best!
  4. Another vote here for the Laguito. My dad has one of these in Taiga and Epi and he loves it. The Minuto would be uncomfortable because your husband would always have to carry it under his shoulder like a clutch. The Saffiano is nice also but it's considerably larger in width; if he doesn't carry a lot the Saffiano leather will flop around because it's really supple.
  5. I would have to go with Laguito. It looks very professional. The second choice is okay as well, but the Prada bag looks as though it could get a bit heavy.
  6. I would vote for Laguito too.
  7. laguito....
  8. minuto if it is the same size as the other one. 700 for a handle is crazy.
  9. Laguito, classic shape and it's very low-key so doesn't scream LV. Also the leather is nicer compared to the Prada IMO.
  10. I voted for the Laguito. Very sleek and elegant.
  11. Agree :tup:
  12. How about the black Epi Laguito?
  13. Another vote for the Laguito. :yes:
  14. the 1st one
  15. I prefer the minuito , it's the same but he can carry it like a professional too, pressed against his chest kwim? This is ideal for few documents, a pen and a wallet inside I think this is more stylish than a handheld...