Which do you think would be a better school bag??

  1. Personally, for a school bag, I would avoid the ones with the beading (even though I love them). I think that they'd be a bit too delicate for an everyday bag. Therefore, I'd default to the stripe!
  2. I see a lot of girls at my university using the signature stripe bag as a school bag. There's one girl who has the Katy tote, but hers always is out of shape because the bag is less structured.

    Go for the stripe!
  3. I like the stripe. It is the lightest of all of them too. I use a signature tote from last summer for my work bag and it is so nice and light to carry.

    Good luck.
  4. the beaded bags may get a little beat up if used as a school bag. I'm voting for the SIGNATURE STRIPE REVERSIBLE LARGE TOTE. Plus, it's light.
  5. I agree with Mokoni.
  6. Stripe

    Or one of these!

  7. For school I would get the katy tote but that bag is huge or the cute carryall that kiari posted.
  8. I think the Katy is too delicate for that much use...I traveled with mine last week and because its the delicate fabric there are a couple of places where it looks more worn now.
  9. I would go with a messenger flap bag of some sort.
  10. Thanks 4 responding. Yeah i didn't consider any of their messenger bags, because thats what i use now...a messenger. I was thinking that i'd like a tote for school now cuz the messenger style really bothers me when its filled with books. But this sucks cuz i don't know if any of these bags will even fit heavy books in em.:shrugs: Probably just a couple. But thats all i try to carry anyways.
  11. I have the signature stripe tote for school & it has worked great for me so far! Good luck!
  12. are you going to be carrying around lots of books? because, honestly, i don't think the handles on some of those are meant to carry so much weight. but maybe i just have too many books...stupid professors.

    personally, i use a coach baby bag for classes. mine is plain black and holds a TON. i love it!