Which do you think looks better?

Mono Violet Pop Scarf or MJ Solid Daisy Perfume ring?

  • Mono Violet Pop Scarf

  • MJ Solid Daisy Perfume ring

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Love LV

Love LV
Jan 7, 2008
Just wanted to get your opinions on which purse charm/decoration you liked better.

I've been playing with my new Damier Ebene Speedy 30 all week; so in love with this bag!! And experimenting with different charms (to personalize my bag:smile:) and I have it down to the below 2 pics.

It's the Violet Mono Pop Scarf vs the Marc Jacob's Solid Daisy perfume ring!

I'm anxious to know what everyone thinks! So thanks in advance for your opinions!!!



Feb 18, 2008
Southern CA
I like the MJ daisy perfume charm. It's so cute. I think I might get one too. Sorry, but I saw the mono pop scarf IRL, and I didn't like it too much (it gets wrinkled easily because it's made of cotton).
Jan 28, 2007
definitely the pop scarf! i think i saw the pop scarf on an ebene speedy for the first time on an avatar and instantly fell in love!