Which Do You Think Is Best: Apple Guarde, Wilson Leather, Leather CPR, Shining Monkey

  1. From your personal experience, which do you think works better.
    Which do you recommend? What are the pros and cons?

    I've always used Apple Guarde as I don't have the others available (I had a friend ship AG to me). It works great and I condition and spray the vachetta every once in a while. I've also used the leather cleaner, however have found that it darkens the leather a bit.
    The Rain & Stain Repellent also works great b/c I got caught with my Deauville in a light drizzle afte I got off a plane and it didn't get any watermarks at all! :amazed: :biggrin:

    What has been your experience?
  2. Shining Monkey is the best of all of them. Next I would use Wilsons I wouldn't go near AG, it darkens the leather.
  3. I love shining monkey. It dries fast and works great. I used to use AG but now I'm definately a shining monkey convert.
  4. I have only used Apple Guarde and I really like it! I treated my Popincourt Haut with it, and thank God I did! My son had spilled some water on the counter (right by my bag) and one of the straps was soaking in the water...for quite a bit of time since I had no idea that he did it. After the water dried, I can't even tell which strap it was, there is absolutely no mark at all!
  5. I love shining monkey too! I've used that and wilsons ... the wilsons I've used on coach bags and it doesn't work all that well. But I swear by the monkey!
  6. I love shining monkey too. It's the best. In second place I would pick Wilsons. They both do not darken the leather (even temporarily) like AG does.
  7. Ok...but isn't Shinig Monkey for fabrics?
    And talking about that, has anyone tried it on their Mini Monogram?

    Like I said before I use AG and it doesn't darken the Vachetta.
    The AG Leather cleaner does, however the AG Lather Conditioner and the Rain & Dirt Repellent either.

    I know when you spray the Vachetta with R&D Repellent it darkens the leather as it soaks in, but the vachetta goes right back to normal once dried.
  8. I've always like Wilson's leather spray. It dries really fast and it lasts quite a bit. AG is ok too, but I like that I could pick up a can of Wilsons at the mall.
  9. I like the shining monkey spray. I also have the appleguard, and happy with the performance, just not the greasy residue that takes so long to dry.....
  10. for those with the wilson spray..do the bags need to be resprayed every once in a while? if so, then how many month's apart should i spray the vachetta?
  11. I've only used Wilson's. I'm fairly new to this "treating vachetta" business, so I don't know if I'll be much help. I liked that the Wilson's didn't darken the Vachetta at all, and I could pick it up locally. I've only just sprayed my mine about two weeks ago, but I plan to give it another coat every 6 mos-1yr.
  12. ^ thanks for your advice! i'm waiting to spray my batignolles soon!
  13. I'm waiting to spray my speedy..........argh. waiting sucks.
  14. Has anyone tried scotchgard? That is the only thing I can get in the UK, it says it makes your fabric water resistant and it protects leather too? Thanks xx
  15. I've used both Wilson and AG. I prefer Wilson because it dries faster. AG works just as good but it takes a long time to dry.