Which do you think is a better everyday bag?

  1. Speedy 35 or Cabas Piano? I like big bags, and want something I can toss my "stuff" into and go. Which of these two bags gets your vote? Thanks!!
  2. Speedy is hand carry while cabas Piano is on shoulders. The latter is a practical choice though I prefer speedy shape to cabas Piano.
  3. I prefer speedy.
  4. I like the Speedy better, and I think it can be used as an everyday bag, though it's handheld. But if you like your hands free a Cabas Piano might be a better choice! (You could always carry the Speedy on the crook of your arm though ;))
  5. Speedy 35...forsure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:supacool:
  6. Speedy 35
  7. I don't really like speedies bigger than a 30, so I'm gonna vote for the CP.
  8. Speedy all the way ! I :heart: mine!!
  9. I love speedies.
  10. depends on if you want your hands free/like a shoulder bag or enjoy carrying a handbag.
  11. Cabas Piano. The 35 is a little too big IMO.
  12. The speedy 35 is bigger than the cabos piano, depends of shoulder vs handbag and what size you prefer. I like the size on the 35 better and like the cabos mezzo size much better than that of the cabos piano
  13. I'm one of the rare ones that don't like Speedies, so my vote goes to the Cabas Piano.
  14. I own the speedy 25 and the Piano... if you need a speedy 35 for your needs, the Piano will be too small. You may want to compare the 35 to the Mezzo.. that would be more equal in size.
    I LOVE both bags.. but you have to decide if you want a handbag or a shoulder bag.
  15. I just got my speedy 35 before the price hike and have been using it for a week now. It's really not that big, only another inch on each side from the size 30. If you prefer handheld then I highly recommend the 35, if not then the Cabas Piano is a great shoulder bag!