Which do you prefer?

  1. You know, I've changed my mind haha. I just went and looked at my watch after reading this thread, and I saw the price tag at the bottom of the box ($325) and there's really no reason that a $325 watch's gold should be chipping away after normal wear. I still like mine and I still wear it, but I probably would recommend against buying one.
  2. hmmmm ... arh ... keywords "everyday wear", in this case, diamond settings usual will be out :smile:

    By look, I prefer #2 rose gold but final decision usual make after trying on.
  3. But the $325 price tag clearly represents a watch that is gold plated (not solid gold) - so there is a reason why the gold would chip away. There are lots of watches on the market that are plated and will therefore fade and/or chip. The price tag of the MK watch is a bit higher because of the name and the popularity, but still within the range of plated timepieces.
    The only way to avoid this is by purchasing a watch that is made of solid gold, which obviously means spending thousands of dollars instead of hundreds. You could also just avoid the gold all together and save some money by purchasing a stainless steel watch, which is a great watch for everyday wear.
    I agree with you though, Cute_Classy, that a MK gold plated watch is not a wise investment as an everyday watch.
  4. I prefer the MK Lexington. I like both the rose gold and the yellow gold, so I'm no help there.
  5. Second from the top. Very cute. I like the rose and fluted bezel :smile:
  6. Yeah, that's basically what I said in my previous post. Except I've decided it would be wiser to use the $325 to buy a nice stainless steal or ceramic watch if looking for everyday use than to buy a gold plated one and watch it chip away.
  7. I think because rubedo is a mix of metals, it's cheaper than solid gold...maybe this was Tiffany's thinking?
  8. Either the first or second. Personally I'm not a fan of too many diamonds on the bezel.

    Rose or yellow gold would depend on your skin tone, try both on if you can :smile:
  9. Thanks everyone for weighing in. I have taken everyone's advice and gotten the small "Blair" watch in SS. It's beautiful! I've had watches with crystals around the face which I wore everyday with no problems. I also got the bigger "Blair" in rose gold because I was in love with the color. It will be strictly for going out! Thanks again!
  10. But rose gold is a mix of metals too. It is produced by mixing pure 24K yellow gold with various other metals. The percentage of the other metals (copper, silver, zinc, nickel) produces the different shades of gold, so again, I'm not sure what makes "Rubedo" so special (other than the fact that it must be a different mix than their traditional rose gold). I sort of wondered if Tiffany started producing it in response to the fading issues - sort of like Rolex did with it's "Everose" product?
    Whatever the case may be, "Rubedo" is pretty:smile:
  11. Ah, gotcha! We were on the same page after all:smile:
  12. Sounds like you made a great choice. The SS will be perfect for everyday use and the rose gold really is stunning. Congrats:smile:
  13. Rose gold really is a gorgeous color! It goes very well with my skin tone. :biggrin:
  14. Perfect choices! Enjoy them :smile:
  15. The Tiffany SAs say to care for rubedo like silver and that it can tarnish. While there's gold in it methinks it's more like rose silver than rose gold and most likely a ripoff.