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  1. Hello! I'd like your opinion on these watches I'm considering to purchase for everyday wear. I am undecided whether I should get the rose gold or gold watch. Rose gold seems very popular but is it only a trend? Any pros/cons about rose gold?

    Two different styles I'm considering. The first one is MK Lexington and the second style is MK Blair. Thanks so much!
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  2. Sure, rose gold is a trend, but it's been around now for quite a while and I think that it will be around for a while. I would be concerned about quality issues because I'm not so sure that MK watches are a good investment for everyday use (unless you purchase a SS version). Personally, if I was purchasing a watch for every day wear, I wouldn't consider MK. MK yellow and rose gold watches are plated and the gold color (yellow or rose) will fade. Having said that, I'd be willing to bet that the rose gold plating on a MK rose gold watch would last at least as long as the rose gold trend, so you likely wouldn't have to worry about your watch going out of style (in other words, your rose gold watch will wear out before the rose gold trend wears out).
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  3. I have the rose gold MK runway watch and I have worn it everyday since last December. It held up fine and still looks very good, so I'm not concerned about the quality. There are some scratches on the links, but I think that's fairly normal for a watch. I love the watch a lot and I get a lot of compliments. I will say that now I want a gold one! So I'm not much help there, haha.
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  5. Oh, I forgot to add that I prefer watch #2 (rose gold):smile:
  6. Going purely on looks here, I'd say the last one, the diamonds (if they are diamonds) make it subtly glamorous and the color is different and would stay in fashion for a while I think. I just love that color!. I say purely on looks because I don't know much about watches or the materials they're made from. :smile:
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  8. Rose gold. I find that it blends in better with the skintone so even though its a huge watch, it doesn't look so glaring. I get tons of compliments on my MK rose gold watch. Think rose gold will be popular for a while....Tiffany just created a new metal to mimic it.
  9. I love the rose gold.

    My family has worn it for generations, so I would never call it trendy. I think it's just been more popular in Europe over the years.
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    I realize that every watch, and person, is different, but I wouldn't advice a MK plated watch for everyday use. I purchased a gold MK watch last year, and had to return it the next day. I wore it to work, which was a 5 hour, office shift. 2 hours into my shift, I looked down and saw that a huge area of gold plating had completely worn away. This was after 2 hours of wear! I was so disappointed because I loved the watch, and had nothing else like it, in my collection. Now, every time I see an MK watch I like, I end up walking away because I'm not sure if it will happen again.
  11. Tiffany has had rose gold jewelry for a long time. Recently, they started to manufacture what they call "Rubedo" but I really don't see how it differs from their previous rose gold? I suppose that there may be some slight color variation, but it is essentially the same thing.
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    I like #4. I wear my MK watch all the time, and the gold plating has started to scratch and wear off, but no more so than any other gold plated watches/jewelry. I got two Coach rings that were gold plated as a gift and the same thing started to happen to them after wearing them everyday. It's annoying, but there's really no way to avoid it unless you are will to buy something of higher quality that is a lot more expensive. So it's a bit of a sticky situation. If you are going for everyday wear though, and want something that will last a long time, I probably wouldn't buy a gold plated watch. I'd invest in something a little more expensive that will last a long time. But if you are okay with it wearing out after a few seasons, and then buying something else, I would go with #4. You can also look into re-plating it after a few years of wear if you really love it. I've had friends who have re-plated jewelry and it turned out wonderfully. Or there is the other option of buying a silver or ceramic MK watch, as those will hold up much longer.

    Btw, I love rose gold, and definitely don't think it's just a passing trend! Yellow gold went "out of style" for a while and silver was much more popular, and now rose gold is more popular, and it will eventually fall in popularity to yellow gold again, and so on and so on, but I don't think any metal is ever going to be unwearable.
  13. #1, rose gold.
  14. #1 in yellow.
  15. #1 or #2, I'm not into the bling on it.