Which Do You Prefer?

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  1. So I just got 2 more pairs and as usual, my sizing is all over the place. Which do you prefer, and should I keep them?

    Pink Glitter NP

    Burma VP
  2. Well they are two totally different shoes but I honestly like the Burma Vp's on you better!
  3. I 2nd... :yes:

  4. Yeah, burmas.
  5. i like both, pink is nice for spring and summer but the Burmas are better~!

  6. I agree
  7. I love them both but agree the burmas are top! plus I think you could get more wear from them, at least I could!!
  8. I have to agree also
  9. Both are great but I like the VPs a little more.
  10. I like them both, but I agree the burmas are most outstanding.
  11. my vote is for the burmas too!
  12. Burma VP's
  13. Love the pink glitter. I guess I'm in the minority on this, but to me they scream spring!!
  14. I love them both! The Burma is more for every day whereas the Pink is very appropriate for spring and is more special
  15. Burma VP!