Which do you prefer??

  1. If I absolutely HAD to choose (they are both absolutely gorgeous!) then it would be the second pair, for a completely stupid reason as I just cannot choose. The first pair look like they have quite an oversized bow which I would be scared would drag on the ground and maybe get dirty.

    Completely stupid reason I know, but the only one I could think of!
  2. I think that the raised platform, as in the first one, looks better (more sexy) but I agree about the bow being a little too close to the floor. I prefer the bow on the second pair. It's just a pity they are not interchangable.
  3. ohh both so pretty! I like #1 more, just because the NP style is just so classic and sexy.
  4. I love the pair from Oprah.com!!! I prefer the bow on these, and I'm very into the platform in general right now:tup:!!
  5. wow everyone so far seems to be as split as I am... while I think i prefer the NP style i worry about the bow getting dirty on the floor too! Maybe I should just get both and return the one that doesn't work?:shrugs:
  6. boslvuton, If you can, I would buy both and return one of them.

    I prefer the NP that were on Oprah, but I am concerned that the bow might be too close to the ground. That would be the main reason weighing against ordering the NPs, but it is difficult to tell from the picture whether this is a reasonable concern.

    You also don't want to miss out on the gorgeous second pair if you are waiting to locate the NPs. The yellow slingbacks have been at Barneys for 3 weeks now and I know they were limited in sizes.

    So, if you can, order both. If the bow on the NPs isn't too low to the ground, keep those and return the slingbacks. If the NPs don't work out for you, you already have the slingbacks in hand and don't have to worry about them being sold out.
  7. They're both beautiful! I'm into platforms right now so that one has the edge but I have some similar to the ones without the platform that I adore!
  8. :wtf: WOW Stinam- I had no idea! (plus I only discovered these in yellow today on here:shame:smile: Thank you thank you thank you... You are totally right, I'm buying the yellow slingbacks tomorrow and will compare after the NPs come in!!! :yahoo: