Which do you prefer?

  1. The Coach tote or the Cole Haan tote?
    coach tote.jpg Cole Haan.jpg
  2. I prefer the Coach Tote
  3. hm, cole haan of both go over the shoulder and zip closed
  4. I like the Coach as well, looks like a classic black bag.

    good luck!
  5. I like the Coach.
  6. Thank you for your quick replies...:tup:
  7. Cole Haan. I don't like white stitching on black bags (like the Coach one).
  8. I agree...
  9. Coach. I like the shape better on the Coach one. :tup:
  10. I like the Coach one better.
  11. The Coach. I think the shape and style is nicer and it appears the Coach is leather and the Cole Haan is not.
  12. the coach tote gets my vote.
  13. another vote for the coach
  14. I vote for the Cole Haan. I also have a contrast stitching issue with the Coach.
  15. I prefer the shape of the Coach tote, but also don't really like the white stitching on it.