Which do you prefer?????

  1. There are so many styles of LV bags and far too many to choose from. But I'm quite fussy about my LV bag - I only want monogram (the only lapse was the damier cosmetic pouch).

    I'm not that keen on all the other styles - ie the denims, perforated bags, cherries all over it et al.

    Whats your opinion? Do you like a variety of styles or are you like me and only like monogram!!
  2. I love most of them. I really like mono, of course, but I just got a bronze vernis that I LOVE!!!!! (Of course, my husband said it looks like plastic) The only line I don't really like is the preferation. Something about haveing holes in my bag........
  3. I just dont like the perforations at all.. Looks like a tea-bag!
  4. I like most styles... esp. the Damier and the Mini Mono, Regular Mono and Multicolore of course. And I also started to like Vernis and Epi :amuse:
    The new one, with these charms (or whatever this is) looks strange to me...
  5. My faves are mono, damier, and epi
  6. I look at the style of the bag first and then decide what type next. It just all depends.
  7. i love pretty much everything but the perforated line.....my favorites are the mono, damier, and denim tho :P
  8. I like variety (suhari, damier, epi, and vernis). I espicially dislike the monogram.
  9. I started out with mono bags, but also got a few limited edition pieces (Graffiti, Cerises, Eye, etc.). I like a good variety (even though it's the same brand).:nuts:
  10. I like most of them, some are nice but the upkeep isnt.

    I have the mc bags, mono and denim... I think the thing I hate most about all the lines aside from the denim is they are so stiff and structured. I like floppy bags and think that is why the denim works well.
  11. My favorites are Suhali, Vernis, and Epi.
  12. My favorites are the Monogram Mat and Epi
  13. I like the mono (of course), epi, damier and the vernis (although just to look at-- I wouldn't buy one).
  14. I love the mono but I am developing quite a crush on the epi line.
  15. I like variety :smile:
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