Which do you prefer?

  1. Point toe? Round toe? Almond toe? Peep toe? Open toe? Other?

    Personally I'm addicted to peep toes at the moment with pointy toe following a close second.
  2. I'm a pointy gal.:yes:
  3. i hate round toes:nogood:, all my shoes are pointy except for a few peep toes stilettos that i like too :tup:
  4. I :heart: every toe!
  5. I don't wear a lot of heels, but almond toe...kind of pointy without being overly so.
  6. I like everything! but there is a special place in my heart for pointy shoes.
  7. i am also addicted to peep toe at the moment i just bought 3 pairs from steve madden yesterday, then pointy toe, and then round toe with a little platform.
  8. i like them all too! probably have an even mix in my closet
  9. I love peep toes but pointy-toe is a very close second.
  10. Addicted to peep toes. Didn't really get into the pointy toes.
  11. Round toe with platform, gosh, I am soooo starting to fall in love with these too. So girly and easy to walk in :yes:
  12. round toe and peep toe
  13. Round and peep myself. I still haven't done a pointy toe yet...I always felt I couldn't pull it off, but recently I've been shopping some Louboutin heels that are pointed. =)
  14. I love peep toes. I have big feet so the pointy toes just exagerate my feet... need to stay away from them :sad:.
  15. love pointy toes...peep toes are cute too though!