which do you prefer?

  1. Damier Saleya MM or Batignolles Horizontal?
  2. The BH is more of a shoulder bag IMO and I like the shape slightly better than the Saleya. So . . . I would go for the BH.
  3. Definitely the BH.
  4. Saleya!
  5. I like the shape of the Saleya!
  6. saleya!!
  7. saleya!!!!!!!
  8. Bh
  9. i think the shape of the saleya is nicer so...SALEYA!~
  10. Saleya!
  11. BH all the way!!
  12. I vote for the bh!
  13. Batignolles Horizontal definately. I am not a Damier fan.
  14. Tough one for me, I have a BH and love it to death. I use it all the time...but I am also jonesing for a Saleya. Sorry, not a big help at all!
  15. saleya.