which do you prefer?

  1. I just wanted to get people's opinions about these two different bags. Has anyone seen or own a caviar beige medallion tote with gold hardware? And do you prefer that to the caviar classic flap style in large or jumbo? Just curious.
  2. do you have pics? i really love the classic flap... jumbo would be AWESOME.. i only have the medium.. it doesn't fit much, but I LOVE IT!
  3. I just bought the Jumbo and its by far one of my favorite bags. Its so nice and I get alot of looks when I wear it!

    Good luck
  4. I have the medallion tote in beige caviar leather and I really love it. It is the perfect color for summer. Unfortunately, I do not have a flap bag to compare it to but I think I would prefer the tote because it seems like you can carry more. I think if I tried to stuff everything I carry into a flap bag I would have a hard time closing it.
  5. It was so funny to me that I had more than 3 clients told me that
    the medallion tote hard to get in and out and the zipper scratched their hands when their dig into their bag.


    I don't know, for me I am not a big fan of gold.
  6. Good Point about the zipper. I've had that happen to me on my LV MC Alma. A pain in the winters with very dry hands.
  7. I love both. I have the black caviar tote with gold medallion. I've seen the beige and it's beautiful as well. My next purchase will probably be a large of jumbo caviar classic flap. :love:
  8. Thanks for your opinions and thought on this ladies! I love reading people's different perspectives.
  9. I also have the black caviar tote but with the silver medallion. I was just looking at the beige flaps yesterday in Saks. I'm thinking if I can ever afford another bag again :lol: I will get a beige flap bag-it's just so classic looking!
  10. I don't own a Chanel...yet, but my personal preference is the classic flap in caviar leather. That said, the medallion bag is a real beauty as well. My 2 fave Chanels are the 2.55 and Cerf tote.
  11. I prefer totes because I don't like the extra step in extracting the contents of my bag! :smile:
  12. Both choices sound wonderful. I like totes in general because of the ease of getting to the contents, but the classic flap seems so refined and ladylike. I think you can't go wrong with either - it'll probably come down to whatever your personal style and tastes are.

    Edit: Oh I forgot... Swanky, that's such a precious little one you have in your avatar! So sweet!
  13. I think both styles are equally beautiful ... it just depends which one you want to get first. You can always buy the other choice later.
  14. Very true. I'll probably eventually end up with both in the next two years, unless my DH intervenes.
  15. They are both fabulous bags! I find the tote to be an everyday bag and the classic flap to be a bit more dressy even if it's a large or jumbo size.