Which do you prefer: Zippy Wallet in Azur or Pomme


Zippy Wallet in Azur or Pomme?

  1. Azur

  2. Pomme

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  1. I can't decide because both are so beautiful. Can you give pros and cons of both.
  2. Pomme, the lightness of the Azur scares me in an item that is handled so frequently.
  3. i just prefer the pomme!!! i think it's a beautiful color!
  4. Isn't the zippy in azur larger? I thought the zippy ORGANIZER was the one in damier canvas.
  5. I think jane is right. The one in Azur is Zippy Organizer, which is bigger than the Zippy Wallet.
  6. Pomme!! It is so stunning! I like the Azur too but I'd be afraid it would get dirty after a lot of use.
  7. I don't like the Azur one precisely because it doesn't come in the zippy wallet. It only comes in the Zippy Organizer. It's huge. Way too big for me.
  8. ^^ agreed. If they made the zippy wallet in damier I would buy it in a heartbeat.