Which do you prefer - White, or Yellow Gold?

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Which do you prefer?

  1. White Gold/Platinum/Silver

  2. Yellow Gold

  3. Both

  4. Other

  5. Neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just thought it would be interesting to run a poll on which colour of gold people prefer.

    I like both (greedy, moi?! :queen:)!

    I tend to wear more yellow gold between Midsummer and late Autumn, during the day and then in the evening and for the rest of the year I tend to favour white gold, or platinum (something about the light, I think).

    If you only wear platinum (lucky you! :biggrin: ) or silver, or tend to only wear costume jewellery; please just tick the box with the appropriate coloured metal(s), next to it.

    BTW, I know that, technically, pure gold only comes in one colour; by white gold, I am, on the whole, referring to rhodium plated gold. ;)
  2. i love everything i adore rose and yellow gold but i am not a great fan of white gold i prefer platiunum only when it is inevitable then i also settle for white gold.
    ah and it has to be 18 carat

  3. I agree! Too many people in the UK wear 9ct (9K), which barely has any gold in it, at all!

    14ct (14K) is fine, but I agree that the best compromise is 18ct (18K). :yes:
  4. I used to be a "yellow only" gal up until I got my first pair of platinum diamond stud earrings, then I went bloody white metal crazy!! Any more if I don't get either white gold or platinum, I'll opt for two tone. My new diamond bracelet is a two-tone and I just LOVE IT! Goes with everything. My ruby bracelet (one of my most treasured pieces) is straight yellow gold. I really don't care for rubies in white metal for some reason...
  5. I voted for yellow gold but I also like white gold but it was grouped with platinum. I'm not a platinum lover. It is like a dirt magnet for me.
  6. Im definetely a platnum/white gold or silver girl.
  7. I like to switch it up between white gold and gold...just depends what kind of mood I'm in when I go out I guess
  8. Prefer white gold but some things that I wear look better w/ yellow gold

    But white gold is my number one choice.

    Someday, when I'm engaged :crybaby: ---I would like a white gold ring. Not yellow.

    Wow. That sounded depressing didnt it. Someday.
    Ok I meant when I get engaged. Better? LOL :roflmfao:
  9. (1) Platinum
    (2) white gold
    (3) rose gold
    (4) silver
  10. Platinum all the way!!! It's so strong and beautiful... yellow gold looks terrible with my coloring, and I'm not a big fan of white gold because it can turn yellow with time and needs re-plating.

    Platinum is the perfect metal for me, with sterling silver running a close second!
  11. I love platinum more but I actually don't mind the yellow and the rose....
  12. I prefer white gold or platinum or a mix of both over the other gold colours. I'm not entirely why sure :shame:
  13. White gold..I'd rather wear silver than yellow gold actually :P
  14. For everyday, I prefer platinun/white gold/sterling silver. However, I love mixing in a little 24K gold for summer and rose gold for fall. :love:
  15. I prefer platinum or white gold usually but lately I've fallen madly for rose gold. I saw a lady on the weekend with rose gold bangles and a thick chained necklace. I kept gawking at those, lol! Looks so antique-glam.
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